Universal Sisters Project

We are a community of Artists celebrating the Strength of women through Art.

Collaborating artists build icons of strength designed in honor of a woman who has inspired them.  These wearable sculptures are sent to the woman of inspiration and she is asked to have herself, or a metaphorical symbol of herself, photographed in the sculpture.  The goal is to invite the world to see each woman as the Artist sees her - as a Warrior.

The Process:

Two or more artists collaborate to create a new round of wearable sculptures.  Each artist then sends the sculpture with a letter of gratitude to a woman whose strength has impacted his or her life.  Each receiver is asked to have herself photographed in the sculpture, or a metaphorical depiction of her essence with the sculpture.

The journey of each sculpture is captured photographically, first the creation and then it’s journey from sister to sister.  The photographs are shared on Universal Sisters Project website, social media, and in an all inclusive book so that the world may see each Sister as the strong woman her sisters see her as. 

Over the next three years many more sculptures will be made.  As more artists join the community, and sculptures are sent to more and more Sisters, we will show the journey on social media. At the end of the project we will unite all the sculpture, creators, and Universal Sisters for the first time at a museum show.


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Collaborating Artists

Have you experienced the impact of a Sister in your life?  Has a woman lifted you, shown you how to grieve, repair your soul, and live again? Have you watched as a Sister pulled herself through Hell on Earth, and her game plan became your guide?  Have you ever wondered how a Woman could be so Strong, and never had the words to tell her?  Have you seen the soul of a Warrioress, and want the World to see her the way you do?

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Anne Nye




“For me each piece I create is a story in the making. I begin with an inspiration, something I've seen or often part of a dream. Sometimes it's just a group of colors that seem to niggle at my brain, teasing me to play with it. Once I begin to play the search begins for the story. Much like a writer working out a plot, a dialogue develops with the piece.

For a long time, I didn't see the importance but recently I have begun including story cards with each piece I create that tells the essence Teaching of that particular story. It is then up to the viewer draw their own conclusions."

A poet ought not to pick nature's pocket. Let him borrow, and so borrow as to repay by the very act of borrowing. (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) 

Anne Nye studied fine art at the University of Idaho and California College of the Arts in the 60’s, completing course work for a BFA. She worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for many years and in 1997 began working as a full time artist. Since 2000, Anne has worked primarily on her own in kiln formed glass developing her painterly style and techniques, but recently studied under Narcissus Quagliata and Ted Sawyer and completed an invitational residency at Pilchuck under the direction of Steve Klein and Richard Parrish.

Anne’s work is held in private collections in many parts of the world including the US, China, Korea, Japan, Australia and South Africa.  Some highlights of her many commissions can be viewed on her website commissions page.

Anne’s work has been written up in several national magazines including Art Connoisseur and Western Art Collector as well as several local publications. She was a featured artist in Glass Art Magazine, July/August 2013. In the last few years, she has been in high demand as an instructor and has taught at Ed Hoy in Chicago, D&L Art Glass in Denver & Rainbow Artistic Glass in Omaha NE. She conducts select one-on-one mentoring/teaching workshops in her home studio and is the Director of the Glass Studio at the Artisan Village in her home town of Coolidge.
Anne also has a large social network where glass artists from all over the world following her ‘kiln openings’.

Susan Woodford



"Working with fire and metal I take a strong, unyielding material and transform it into creations of movement, feminine form, and abstract imagery. " 

Susan Woodford is represented in galleries nationwide and instruct and in working studios across the country.  

Home based in Shenandoah, Iowa at www.artfarmia.com; a multi-disciplinary studio with walking sculpture garden. 

Autobiographical Sculptor

I use molds of my own body to create my figurative sculptures because they are inherently autobiographical.  I enjoy watching as my views, sculpture series, and body changes.  I feel like a butterfly who is now transforming into a bird.  Constant states of metamorphosis perpetuate momentum and fuel my passion for design evolution.

Build Bigger. No... BIGGER

I love/hate creating large exterior sculpture.  Creating organic form from unyielding, stronger than me, larger than me material often feels like I am struggling for survival.  I leave the studio feeling broken, but I am not.  Nights, I will melt into bed feeling as though my body has suffered defeat in a great war, but it has not.  The discouraging bruises, burns, cuts, and tears do not stop me. I have strength, endurance, and perseverance of a warrior.  That is when I know- we are all warriors.  If I can do it, so can you.

As an Educator

My purpose in life is to help others see, feel and heal through art.  This was prophesied to me.  How many of us ever get to know the purpose of our lives?  I feel truly blessed, and loved, to have such a great gift bestowed upon me.  Of course the responsibility is to not only create, but also to help others find healing in their own creative process.  Many of my sculptures as well as classes are designed for the purpose of healing and introspection. I am constantly continuing my education so I can pay it forward.


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